This is where you can get copies of original pieces that I have written and simple but effective arrangements of some popular tunes. 


Your Gladrags were your best Sunday clothes and wouldn't you have looked grand in them. This piece goes back to my college days when it was originally written.

Stepping Stones

These are the Stepping Stones across the river that runs through Uppermill. A lovely place for a picnic on a warm day.

Indian's Head

This is a rocky outcrop above Dovestones Reservoir in the shape of an Indian's Head no less. It is not difficult to spot.


The Beerwalk was banned a few years ago which was sad. Apart from raising money for various charities, it really was a spectacle as drunks in all manner of fancy dress would stumble around the pubs of Saddleworth. Sadly missed.


The Rushcart Festival began in memory of the days when the church floors would have been covered in a layer of hay or rushes. Purely ceremonial these days, it takes place at the end of August with Morrismen pulling the cart.


Dovestones is a beauty spot just outside the village of Greenfield. It is popular with walkers out for a stroll and also boasts a vibrant sailing club. It can get really busy on a sunny day.

Delph Donkey

The Delph Donkey was a train that went from Oldham to Delph Station. At Oldham Wakes, it would have been incredibly busy as all of the millworkers headed for the bright lights of Blackpool. Now it is a public footpath, the track long since gone.

In partnership with Sheet Music Plus, you can now download and print some of my arrangements.

They were written with relative beginners in mind. 
I use them in my lessons.

Candle in the Wind

A fairly easy arrangement of the Elton John hit. Includes pedal markings and dynamics. Good for extended repertoire for teachers and for pupils looking for pieces to play themselves. 

Fields of Gold

Useful as extra material for piano students. Melody with arpeggio accompaniment and sustained bass notes. 
Sounds convincing.

Chasing Cars

Simple arrangement which can be played along with the original.

Over the Rainbow

Simple arrangement of the popular song.
Useful as additional material for teachers.

Count on me

Includes words and cue notes for the changes to melody line in second verse.
Also has the chord symbols for keyboard use or additional guitar chords.

Count on me (piano with Ukulele chords)

Simple piano part. Includes lyrics and alternative melody line for verse two.
Also has ukelele chord diagrams.